Thursday, November 09, 2006

Revised Swap with me post!!

Since I haven't enticed too many people to trade, I'll be more specific about what I can trade/and what I would like in return.

I can send you--

American Candy and Snacks of the Gormet(ala Harry and David/Godiva/ect), or not so Gormet Variety( Combos, Cheeseitz, Chocolate Bars, Jellybeans, ect...)

Handmade Jewelry(I especially like to make sculpy charms in the shapes of food), so if you have a favorite food, let me know!

Comic Books/or American Editions of Literature

T-shirts from Movies/Promo Items( I use to work at a movie theater, so I have a ton of stuff stashed away)

Plush critters/dolls/toys

Vintage Clothing/Accesories

Magazines like Bust, Cosmo, or tabloids, if you fancy something smuttier.

Socks/Fabrics/Beads/Yarn, and other crafting suplies

Paintings or Drawings done by me.

What I'd like in return--

Vintage Dress/T-shirt/ Hats

Dolls of all sorts(being a doll collector, I love all dolls, except babydolls)

Plush creatures

Handmade Jewelry/Purses/Scarfs/Hats/Ect...

Candy(Chocolate for my boyfriend and Licorice Allsorts for me)

Anything Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

Mucha Art Prints

Pretty much anything else/ I love suprises!

Anyway, if you are interested in swapping, feel free to e-mail me at weasfan (((at)))

Look Forward to Hearing from you!